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Day in the life of Ash
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Thursday, June 18th, 2009
10:39 pm
Your in my system baby
Wooo, seems LJ is a dying thing sooo i thought i would click the update button and blog away.

Still havent gotten rid of my car, i really hate having a filthy v6. Absolute dirty dirty petrol chugging whore.

Saw I Love You Man on tight tuesday, thought that was a preeetttyyy good film. Waay better than i was expecting.
Went to the drive in movies on sunday night and for an excellent $8 saw Adventureland and The Hangover.
I've been looking forward to Adventureland for a couple months and it was quite the let down, the hangover was okay...typical cheap pop kinda movie that will get overquoted i guess....

So about 3weeks ago i was driving back from Craigie IGA and going down Craigie Dve when i saw a cop car go the opposite way...i got sorta paranoid but thought nothing of it. Then 30 seconds later it was a few cars behind me and then eventually was directly behind me and i got pulled over...gah.

Turns out it was the same pig that busted me about 6 weeks ago. They searched me and my car (in broad daylight) and found nothing but a halfmade bottle bong. Not happy that i got randomly searched, fuckin pigs...

I also have a $100 fine for not displaying my P plates and i will not pay one cent of it...fook them.....I AM ABOVE THE LAWWWWWW

Anyway in closing, fook CM Punk and Cody Rhodes...Nature boy is the maaaaan...WOOOOOO
Friday, May 8th, 2009
10:35 pm
Fook Yew..
So wow, Ron found a pretty cool house on the net for a cool $250 per week!. That shared between 3 people would be pretty easy to afford. Pretty exciting stuff really..

EPWs Evolution should be a pretty awesome event, a tag team ladder match should be mighty cool.

Pretty fun day, i woke up at Heathers and then we made a coconut bong. Went to Johnnys to watch SD and then played the new UFC 360 demo which was..fan..tastic!

Then accompanied Ron on his deliveries which was fun as always (lolz)

Now Paul is coming round for some Weedsworth and Bluntfield fun times.

In closing, lets hope we get a house cos moving out finally would be sweeeet.
Monday, May 4th, 2009
7:38 pm
Moonlight Drive...
Fook, been a while since i last update...

Lots of stuff has been happening,

Went to the SHWA show and saw Chris Masters!. That was pretty funny and John got an actual pic of himself in The Masterlock! hah

Saw Logistics and Mistabishi at Metro City and that was good, Logistics set was absolutely awesome, fookin smashed it!!.

Saw Cheech and Chong last sunday and that was pretty amazing...really cannot belive that we got to see them in person, i never wouldve expected that. I lost my Cheech and Chong tour shirt which was a real piss off!!..grrr.

Saw Kotton Mouth kings on wednesday night and that was pretty cool, they were suppourted by Sen Dogs (Cypress Hill) new group and they were cool too. The highlight of the night was leaving and seeing SEN DOG HIMSELF at the exit, we all gave him cheap pops and he seemed a really cool guy....

Turning 21 has been pretty cool, Heather made me a huge chocolate Toblerone cake that has malteasers on top which was cool.

I left home just recently, the rents were alittle angry with a few things that had been going on so i packed up and left. I was staying at Heathers mostly and after much begging and pleading from my P's ive decided to return to living at home for now.


I got pulled over for my headlights not working and was having a smoke about 3.5 minutes before they pulled me over!.
They searched my car and took all my weed AND 2 bongs (one of the bongs had been purchased just a few days before and was a beast!!).

Well done pigs, you caught the bad guys!!!. I was pretty mouthy to the police which makes me feel better, the first time we got busted i was pretty scared and had NO idea about my legal rights. But hey, this isnt my first bust so i really gave the bacon an earfull aaaand it felt so so goooood.

STILL havent received my 900 yet, but you can be sure that it will be spent on anything that isnt taxed.
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
10:26 pm
Leave It Out
Wow, its been a while. Livejournal is so unloved nowadays!!

Sooo a 4 day weekend coming up (woo hoo).

Saturday night, going to SHWA to see "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. I'm pretty hyped for that event, should be pretty fun. Its gonna be crazy seeing an ex WWE star wrestle in Karrinyup infront of no more than 100 people.....

Sunday night is Logistics which will be quite the good drum n bass event.

21 in a few weeks, really considering a Pepsi Max tattoo or something.

/Interesting LJ story...

So today i was about to drive to work and was leaving my street, theres a section where my street meets Mullaloo drive. I was pulling out onto Mullaloo drive when i noticed a couple, in their mid 40s riding bikes.
They were about to cross the intersection and because i have no patience i didnt wait for them and pulled straight out.

Straight away the woman started complaining and giving me an ear full (my window was down so i heard her perfectly). I was on a slight comedown from the weekends shenanigans and wasnt in ANY mood to hear some bitch telling me off...so i simply said "fuck off". Then i noticed her husband took down my number plate!!!!!!!....What a damn fool!!, is he going to ring the police and tell them that i didnt wait for them to cross and pulled out..then told his wife to fuck off??. I really hate cyclists...i think this is the start of a war between Woodsworth and the cyclists...

Watched Wrestlemania Live yesterday at Johnnys, oof what a bad WM. Michaels Vs Taker was really pants splitting good but the rest of the card was pretty lackluster.

REALLY REALLY looking forward to my 900 Rudds. As soon as that $900 appears in my bank account i am going to make a grand return to the Burswood!!!.
Suuuuure i'm not allowed to set foot on the property legally until December 09 (2 years after the incident) but they cannot stop me...well they can..but its not as if they'll remember me..or Ron.

Hmmm in closing, thankgod for easter...i hate drones...
Monday, March 16th, 2009
6:09 pm
Fook, havent done an LJ entry in a while...and i'm bored so i thought hey..why not?.

Got my P's all done finally and got a car (Mitsubishi Verada). Its a really nice car and even has electric windows!!!111. Shame that its an absolute petrol whore, it goes through petrol like uhhh like police go through ..umm donuts??...hmm

Been workin alot and have been getting ridicilous pay, i've neeever been paid so well. My first week was a 35 hour week and i got paid $695 woo hoo. It sucks that i cant really save thouughh and i've been blowing money left right and centre...must learn to save!!

So i'm pretty stupid...there was this chick i was sorta seeing towards the end of '06 and that kinda fizzled out (my fault) but we always stayed good friends. Shes had a boyfriend for the past 18 months which i sorta hated but on new years eve she gave me a huge emotional text which said she wished she had stayd with me 2 years ago...and what did i do??. Nothing!!!!
I havent even seen her since a week before she sent the text. Gah, i shouldve struck while the iron was hot and made effort to hang out but now its probably too late seeing as she said that over 2 months ago. I have learnt my lesson to not be lazy anymore...its true.

Friday night had an acid trip at Kings Park, that wasnt too bad. On the way out to Thornleigh at around 2.30 there was a huge breathalyser bus surrounded by 50 pigs (didnt they have other things to attend??). As we were going through Ron and Paul tried to be good citizens and put my red P plates up but completely forgot i was driving after cerfew!!!. As we drove away A cop noticed that i had red P's up and shouted "you're lucky". That couldve been a really bad experience...

Saturday night went to Lukes house to tell him some ideas for the next weedsworth and bluntfield episode. Hes gonna be an absolutely great charachter and it will make us look cooler having a 30+ year old with a role.

Sunday i went to the city to get my WWE Raw tickets and ended up checking out Daves new house in Armadale. His house is awesome and he gave me his airhorn (car shenanigans!!!) cooked me a pretty nice dinner...AND shouted my 2 rolls. It was pretty fun being off chops and watching Blu Ray dvds on his HD TV. Driving home from Armadale at midnight pinging was also pretty fun..

Next weekend shall be a hectic one, work thing at GBT/Maxx on friday night(woof).
Saturday day time i belive a city session is in order with Matt and a few of his female friends(he promised they are hot!)...then Jim is having a "party" which i might make a small cameo at annnnd then theres Laura/Chrissos party in Craigie that i may attend...annnnd EPW is on too but it looks like i'll be missing that...gah i havent been to a show in 4 months!!. Hopefully we can get some filming done on sunday aswell.

Got the day off tomorrow so a huge work out will be in order annnd then i will finally get around to buying protein powder!
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
10:21 pm
Its fucking distracting!!!!!!, oooohh gooooood!!
How are choo? oh yeaaah, i'm pretty go-....thats great!!!!

So weekend was okay, pretty quiet but thats what happens when your broke..

Went to the CodeRed force rave on friday night and that was aiiiite, the amount of weiner kids really brought me down though, that was a total buzzkiller.

After smoking pretty much every day for the past 2 years i had a 5 day break last week...a whole five days!!. I havent smoked for a few days again and i think i'll go until thursday or maaybe friday.

Bad company coming up (fooook yeaaah). That should be pretty good and dnb gigs at metro city are always really fun.

So i met this chick at work...and it turns out i know her ex...anddd know this chick she hates (the girl she hates lives about 2 mins away from me).Also she was the waaaasted chick at dizzys party a while back..

Then i met this English guy called Tom and it turns out he went to high school with a friend of mine (Josh) and he plays for Kingsway FC so he knows Grazza, Damo etc etc etc. He also went to Subfocus and Andy C last month...like me...AND he went to the streets on friday!!....ricockilous!

Damn Perth is just so ridicilous!!, i shouldnt be surprised anymore really, but still gah!

Got a housewarming to go to this saturday but its oh so faaar, so we'll see what happens.
Dave also moves into his house next week (woo woo woo) and he said hes got a good surround system and a huge tv so that place should be awe

Ive got about 2 hours left on my logbook and then i'm done..finished..finally!!. My parents got rid of the V8 falcon (FUCK!!!), they had it loaned from a friend and were about to buy it...BUT because it apparently chugged a few days ago they didnt end up buying it and gave it back!

Raarrrrghhhhh i was looking forward to driving that badboy round again.

So this weekend i'm gonna get a car but pppfttt it is not gonna be good at all!, but ah well at least it will be perfect to smoke in...my parents wouldve flipped the f out if the f.f had the slighest smell of bud...but now compression sessions ahoy!!.
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
9:21 pm
I Got A Plaaaan, For You And IIIII
Code red this friday night!, should be pretty good.

So i started a new job in Balcatta (eurgh), its pretty boring as expected.... I was absolutely pissed off about being there on my first day...just didnt wanna be there flat out... Then they showed like an introduction video about the company to me and some others who were starting on the same day.

The vids just a generic vid that they show to new company people all over Australia, it was basically all the big wig corporate suits of Metcash talking about how great the company is.
So i'm sat watching the vid PISSED, wondering why the fuck i am here at this corporate hole and wishing i was at home or with friends or anywhere but here...when my dad came on!!.
He had a huge speech talking about how great the company is and how he is proud to manage over 3000 staff blah blah blah and the pleasure of turning over big profits etc etc. I really cannot belive the irony of the whole situation, completely ridicilous irony right there!

We still havent done much filming recently which is a shame, we have a charachter that will be GOLD and he is intent on filming...but we cant get in contact. We'd talked about filming in the futre etc but never made any concrete plans and apparently he thought a date was set to film and he stayed home all day and waited for us...poor guy.

Gyms going pretty well, i'm taking the gym really serious this year and not just turning up baked and doing a half assed work out. I've been reading up on muscle gain and good nutrition and i've been eating right etc etc so muscles can grow well.

New CKY album out in a few months ha ha haa..but seriously, i'll still pick it up and check it out, but i'm not really excited by it or anything.

EDIT: WTF The Streets are playing at Metros Freo on friday night!!!, how was this kept so quiet??!! rarrrggghhh
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
7:23 pm
You're right, i'm wrong...be free beeelong
Soo weekend was pretty cool, we saw Shock One on friday night at Shape and that was awesome.

Went for a job interview yesterday with my super lying b.s resume and got the job (unfortunately).....then i found out that tomorrow i have a physcial AND have to get urine tested...sooo i'm fucked.

The only place they will send that urine sample to is the rehab clinics i think.... The last 4 weeks have been pretty crazy with about 7 flips consumed, tabs of acid, shrooms and probably a half oz or so of pot smoked...mmmm tastyy

A few friends and i were gonna sneak into BDO sunday because fook paying $140 for a line up as SHIT as that. Apparently the well known sneak in point is now coverd in barbed wire!! arggghh. Sooo that didnt happen :-(.

Rave coming up soon, that should be pretty good. Hopefully the stupid owner Dan wont be there...but hell of course he will. I think i'll be inviting Isabelle along which should be pretty cool.

Hopefully we'll get some filming and shiz done this weekend, we have the perfect charachter that we're gonna film with so that should be pretty fun...he is quite the gimmick but boooy that will make for some good film!!

Can't belive that Cheech and Chong are coming to Perth for a stand up tour...really cannot belive that. What an epic once in a lifetime experience...must..smoke..with..Tommy Chong...after show...must..do..it..arrgggh!!!!

I've cut down on the 420 and its been hard....really hard. But i have to try and cut down for many reasons, i've been experiencing the negative sides of smoking recently (bad moods, bad temper) sooo cutting down is the right thing to do. Going a week or two clean would be great, but i havent been over a week clean for 2 years sooo that is pretty much impossible.

Cannot afford to do ANYTHING this weekend, being poor really isnt much fun at all!.
Thursday, January 15th, 2009
6:01 pm
Sink your teeth in
Soo the wrestler (film) is coming out today and that will be excellent to see. Its gotten alot of hype so im pretty excited, fook yeah!

After over a year of searching, we FINALLY attained mushrooms on the weekend and wow...that was craaaazy.
I think my shroom experience wouldve been alittle better if i didnt have a bong as soon as i took them (apparently it gives you bad trips..but how was i to know?).
But apart from a few little bad trips it was highly enjoyable and EXACTLY like everybody had described them..

I'm meant to be going to some place near Floreat (the name escapes me...something hill??) for a session soon with Joshy Marley Mon and his friends and apparently the views are AMAZING and you can see Rotto (fuckin rottoooo) pretty good and it has great views of the city...oh yeah!

Very broke at the moment, so this weekend shall be a quiet one. Hopefully we can get some script writing done and then we should be able to get some filming done next week.

Taking a break from MJ and so far it hasnt been too hard..im 2 days in...
I'm hoping to go a week or maybe even 2 weeks without it and when i do return it shall be great!

The police got called in to work today because somebody stole an i-pod and Ron and I were hoping to get interviewed (so we could be dicks) but the damn bacon didnt even show!!. They obviously just stayed at the station and used their time for much more important things..... (donut eating competition anyone?).

Not long till Andy C on Aus day (best gig eveeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr maaan!!!!!)
Friday, January 9th, 2009
6:29 pm
Propane Heyman
Fook its hot, the weather forecast said that the next few days should be pretty hot so hopefully beach fun will take place.

Returned to the Stamford on wednesday after a huge asbence, got preeetttyyy drunk and i felt hungover as a dawg at work.

Roland and i have turned into absolute BASTARDS at work, we were alittle too nice to people and we sort of got walked over...not anymore!. This weeks work highlights have been

-Throwing sponges at an annoying kid all day
-Drenching MORE people in recycled water
-Theres maaaaaany other things but ehh we'd seem like dicks if i recollected them all hah.

I made a Tumblr journal, it's gonna be an anti-drone rant journal for me.

I'm really considering about going to BDO, its just that the majority of the lineup sucks and tickets are getting more expensive each year. It would be highly entertaining to see all the elitist art fags bopping around to The Ting Tings though.
Friday, January 2nd, 2009
8:34 pm
Juntion at the rail roads delayed
So i went to work and oofa that sucked and i was scatterd as a mofo. It was busy as hell and Ron called in sick (bastard) which meant that i had to spend the day with Adam.. but eh, he gave pops all day so that was okaaay.

So now 2008 is over... (THANK THE FUCKING LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) its 2009 and that means time for resolutions , ill check my lj at the end of the year and hopefully i can tick them all off...

1) Cut down on the reefer- I'd like to go back to the old ways when mariajuana was recreational fun ...not a 24/7 mood.
I'm not sure when i started smoking SO much, but having up to 25 cones in a day is not only bad for health reasons...but it also costs a load. Sooo i'm gonna try and not smoke before 9pm and we'll see how that works out..

2) Temper control- I am going to learn to bite my tongue this year!!!

3) Weedsworth and Bluntfield- We got a great unexpected reviews from the videos, countless people hounding, people we barely knew asking for cameos and the vids got pretty big quick...then we got lazy and we havent had any vids for a few months. Hopefully we can easily bang out a video once a month or so and with smoking less, things wont always be so hazy...so we can get shit done!!!.

4) Randy Orton punt a cop..-Wait..i dont mean that...do i?

Sooo now its the weekend...even though it feels like the last 3 days have been an extended weekend.

Tonight is a quiet HC night in at Johns with smackdown, 420 and movies..ohhh yeaaah.

Saturday seems that some Rise fun will take place

Sundays plans are something like Freo markets with Belle but i think after a late saturday night, i'll be super blown out and sunday will be spent spaced out and not able to do anything that requires alot of energy.

Time to gooo!
1:55 am
Christmas came and went, it was the same as every year really...awkard boring dinner with relatives/terrible presents (more david beckham aftershave! wtf?!).

My neighbour Josh (ie-Marley) invited me for a smoke so we went to smoke near our local deli, he shouted me a huge christmas jay and a nang(wippet/whatever) that was pretty cool. I wouldnt do nangs again though, i dont want to damage brain cells!
I almost got conned into having to smoke with his friends (cbf!!) even though they are a bunch of hound dogs. One of his close friends is my sisters ex boyfriend haha...Perth.

Eh, this working week is pretty screwed up again thanks to christmas and new years day falling on a thursday heh.

Can't really be f'd working tomorrow, Adam Smith (our 20 year old co-worker that has never kissed a girl!!!) gives Roland and i super heat all day at work and has turned from our number 1 fan to a bitter bitter boy.
Other work highlights were Ron and i fooled a kid who works there to casually stand under the reycled water hose and then he got drenched with recycled smelly water...ahh bastards.

NYE was pretty enjoyable, throughout the day i thought i had a ticket secured to Origin of the night. So i finished work, went to Johns to watch Raw, and then just before i was about to leave for Origin i found out i didnt have a ticket, but eh i wasnt looking forward to the ride home from Bassendean anyway. I got calls in the day from Josh and Dave trying to persuade me to come to Origin in the evening, but its hard to flat out say that i'm a lazy stoner and just cbf.

So i decided i'd go along to Sunrise...and it was down the street from my old job..argh. I met this dude on the way down there that was a sound engineer and helped run the whole event so as soon as i got in he took my backstage and even showed me where the bongs are kept! and said i can take my friends back to smoke with me if i wanted.

Then i met Paul, Ron and Brett inside and then it was a party from there until...we were passing a jay around at 3.30 and unfortunately were so off chops that we didnt notice a 250 pound arabian fatboy security guard who kicked Paul out!!. The guy was completely over the top offended in a hilarious way and seemed so emotional that we were smoking at a drug and alcohol free event. Pauls response to getting caught was "its only weed"hhaha, the guy had a huge hissy fit.

So they wouldnt let Paul in so i left with him so we retreated to the car and met Robbie 'V. Then finally at around 8am Paul, Brett and I went back to Pauls and watched The Mask and then Human Traffic. Then Ron came back and was completelty fooked so that was fun to watch, he was meant to be bringing a DJ with him who wanted to smoke but that didnt end up happening.
Then we all sat around scatterd all day. Fell asleep for a few hours and then got persuaded by Dave to come and see Subfocus at The Rosemount and that was pretty cool, they played pops such as Timewarp and X-Ray.

I'm still debating wether to work tomorrow, i really would rather chill all day after these last few days. If i do go, then i have to be awake in 5 hours...eurgh...
Sunday, December 7th, 2008
9:04 pm
You know it woo woo woo
Wow, another update?..

Ashs weekend was yet again a quiet one...but still was pretty fun. I have never had so many quiet weekends in a row..and i have never felt so good!!. After such a quiet relaxing December, New Years Eve is gonna be off 'da chartzz..

I havent felt this healthy, good and clean for aaagggess ....maybe because I havent drunk in over 7 weeks and havent dropped in over 3!.

Soo yesterday i went to the beach with Johnny, it was pretty good but windy sooo that blew. We went back to his and i got completely pwned in Smackdown, i dont think i will ever find a suitable opponent for Big Daddy V.

Today i woke up early and realised my P's werent home...soo i took the car and got drive thru...then spilled coke all over the car, gah!.

Then caught a bus(eurgh) to scarborough and went to the beach with Isabelle. That was pretty good and we got awesome ice cream after...since when was Malteaser an ice cream flavour??!!

We're hopefully gonna record another bazworth song this week, hopefully it will be something as offensive as the last song :P
Friday, December 5th, 2008
11:08 pm
Murder Murder Murder
Ugh, i saw the new Rob Schneider film and oof what a snoozefest. Ash really doesnt reccomend that one...he is still doing the same shit that he was doing 4 years ago and its soo stale now. Totally groanworthy..

We recorded a new Bazworth song called "The Ballad Of Smithe" and it was about this guy we work with (adam smith).

He got hugely offended by the song and as soon as he heard it he punched some holes in his walls and then rode his bike from his house (kallaroo) to Rons house (heathridge) in 11 minutes to "flatten us" lol.

The song is on www.myspace.com/bazworth2006 haha.

NYE shall be pretty gooood annnd next saturday is EPW.
If it wasnt for the main event then i dont think i would really caaare but eh, i'll still go.

Had some quiet weekends recently which have been really good, i'm so blownout from the whole Rise scene...

It is definately a once every few weekends place to visit, going every week was complete overkill for me and i am not going to get stuck into familiar trap of dropping every weekend just to have "fun"

I'm realllly bummed that i cant come along to Melbourne on thursday, that wouldve been such a fun time *gah*

So theres a female thats pretty interested in me, i'm alittle interested in her too (sexually). The whole thing is an epic lonnggg 2+ year tale and she currently has a boyfriend anyway..
But, Its all good and i'm noo way ready to settle into some long big relationship.

I've had so many crazy times with friends over the last few years (and i mean crazzzzy!!) and i'm glad that i'll never have to worry about looking back on my teen years and thinking there was fun missed because i was doing things like going to dinner or going on boring shopping visits(things that i will probably be doing a decade from now!).

Instead i was getting crazy wasted with my buddies and causing a ruckus...now that is what defines fun.

....And no john, i shall not update my LJ with tuesdays shenanigans :p

/SUNDAY EDIT: My spa is fixed wooo!. After 2+ years of being broken, it is finally fixed! woo woo woo
Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
6:42 pm
For Comfort, For Solace
So my weekend was great, i didnt go out and party and saved mooolaaah.

I think this weekend shall be a quiet weekend aswell (hopefully!), i'm hoping to not do anything much until NYE...its only about 5 weeks away!!.

Saw the film sex drive on sunday annnnd it was pretty excellent. I havent been to the movies in aaaages ( not since that waste of 2 hours known as Juno...wow i really hated that girl!). But this was a pretty good movie annnnnnd i probably wont attend the cinemas again until Zack and Miri Make A Porno comes out...

Soo i've been tracking down a song for a few weeks now, i thought it was MGMT but checked their myspace and it wasnt on....BUT it turns out the song IS actually MGMT..hah i knew it! */great story*

In other news i ran over a lizard today.... i was coming round a corner and it was crossing the road near a primary school in Mullaloo.
I tried to swerve and miss it but unfortunately i didnt have enough notice and went right over it.
I felt realllly bad and went back to check...but it was pretty much flattend :-(.

Hmmm time for Pizza!
Friday, November 14th, 2008
5:48 pm
The Tussin..
So last year for my 19th birthday i was told by my parents that i would be getting a really good present...well that present turned out to be a $350 Guess watch..gah!!.

Anyway, i lost the watch after a few months (not that i really cared...)and it turned out that badboy was at Johns dads house all that time!. Sooo now im back to wearing an expensive watch again...that i reallllly didnt want.

I'm getting reallly bored of facia hair annnd i think it is time for the ridicilous sideburns to come back!!..suuure everybody hated them and i used to get called silly ridicilous names...but i think they are cool...and thats all that matters!!

Hmmm so its friday and i dont have much planned for this evening yet....i also dont have alot of money (didnt work much this week!!) sooo i guess i shall do what every single, 20 year old guy would do on a friday night.....get stoned and watch movies!
Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
8:13 pm
Puck You
Sooo a pretty good weekend was had, it involved many things...

Somebody was telling me all about how much they belive in karma on the weekend and boyy that stuff had me fascinated.

I think i am going to try and get super good karma from now on, suuure it may not work and be a total load of 'naarrthing but it'll be cool to see.
My first step is to donate some lovely gold coins to a charity box somewhere tomorrow...

I was hoping to go to Melbourne next month with Ron and Adam but after checking my savings it looks like i wooont be able to go :-(....one day!

Im going to start going back to the gym next week, i sort of uhh got lazy and havent been for the last few months....but starting from next week i am going to go more and will not be lazy..again.

Sars is going away again soon (boo!!), soo i guess this weekend should contain some huge amounts of partying. Why must you leave us Sarah?

I feel like Sizzler right now, won't somebody come to Sizzler?..anyone??
Monday, November 3rd, 2008
2:50 pm
Sooo my last entry....it can be null and void for umm a few more years :p.

So weekend fun was pretty excellente, i went to Kims halloween party on friday and that was pretty good.We also saw girls flashing...and other stuff... Ron and i were going to meet Paul and Brett in NB after the party. So we decided to drop before Kims.

After half an hour, nothing happend so we dropped another one. I started to ping alittle but nothing too special.

Then we set off for Northbridge and went to the Rise. I dropped again and also had a dexi.. THEN realised The Rise is terrible on a friday night. The music was ridicilous European trance...and i just haaaaaaaaate that music.

Then we all went back to Pauls car for 420, which was parked right near the Rise. We were all sat in Pauls car comfortably about to light up...when we realised nobody had a lighter!!. So i went to a deli downstairs to get a lighter when i finally started to ping.

Then i got an elevator to the top of the carpark with some people who all said my pupils were absolutely massive...they all laughed and said i looked like i'd had a feww roles...and boy were they correct.

Ron, Paul, Brett and i FINALLY had a smoke and then the 3 pills really kicked in fully and i was "riding the pony" as the English apparently say (why did i only just learn of that excellent term????).

We went back to Bretts house in Thornleigh and smoked for a few hours...i cant really remember much...

Then Paul, Ron and i drove back to Pauls (no parents) and got there around 9 am and we just listend to music and talked and talked off chops till around 2pm.

They woke me up at 5pm and we smoked, the pills that were still in our system all kicked in annnnd we had a decent off chops buzz going till around 9pm. Then we just smoked and chilled and became too tired to move...(way too tired to leave the house, sorry we couldnt attend reija!!)

This weekend seems okaay, 21st on friday (not sure if i shall attend) annnd EPW on saturday.
Thursday, October 30th, 2008
5:35 pm
Woow i cannot belive Sars is using LJ again :p. Welcome back to the group of Lj'ers consisting of uhhhh me, paul, reija, kelly and johnny.

Hmm i went to a funeral today..ir was my mums auntys and ooooffaa it wasnt a fun experience. Totally not a big fan of funerals and i think i will remember this one for the rest of my life.... I saw my cousins for the first time in years and that was awkard as fuck...they dont do drugs..drink..AND they are religious. I turned up post-baked, got really drunk at the after service AND the only thing keeping me going all day was knowing that ill be double dropping tomorrow night...

I am so ridicilously tripped out that its almost the end of 2008. What an absolutely crazy year. In 2008 the following incidents have occured..

-Arrested with Ron..

-Appearance in Court..

-Super super close near death beat down from biker boys..

-Many drugs ETC..

-Post 11.30pm shenanigans..

-Marijuana 420 tattoo on my thigh

After getting 420 tattoo'd on my thigh (while under the influence of many bongs, 3 dexis and half a bottle of vodka) i realised that i have to grow up....
This year has been really fun but if i keep up this ridicilous party shenanigans routine i could be seriously fucked by the time i am 24!!.

Sooo for 2009 i am not going to party as hard and will become a mature 21 year old!
Sunday, October 19th, 2008
5:26 pm
Woah ho

So ive been trying to get into the whole lj again, its good to be able to recall things of past events. Naturally my memory is really bad these days, so i <3 you lj!.

My weekend was a smelly weekend and a half. Friday went to joondalup and wooof, i forgot that place was bad (yes, i was pre-warned..). Was soo bored at that hole..got home at 3..went to bed at 5 and woke up at 8.30.

Went to Scabs markets, then.... all the way to Cannington. Paul drove and i smoked bongs in the car (excellent).

Hung around with Dave (boring) and he tried all day to score reefer...but failed!!.

So after wasted hours in Cannington, Paul drove back to the city way. Went for a smoke in Kings park, went to Rivers for 420. Then came home and was feeling sooooo ridicilously tired that i crashed at 9!!. Apparently i missed alot of "fun"? rarrgh

So the moral of this story is, i will acheive more next weekend.

Current Mood: high
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